Friday, April 2, 2010

Fallen victim to the travel bug...

I've always loved vacations. I've been fortunate to take several throughout my life, exploring much of the US, and recently tapping into some international destinations.

The travel bug officially bit me when I studied abroad in 2002. I participated in a 6 week traveling business course throughout Europe, consisting of a week of class in a different country. I was able to explore many of the popular tourist attractions in London, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Florence, Cinque Terre, & ended the trip sailing the Greek Isles. I quickly became obsessed with traveling, embracing new cultures & experiences, and the thought of potentially living in a different country.

Post graduation I debated enrolling in, allowing me to live in London. I opted to do the traditional career path, with hopes that a company would send me abroad to live. Both my brother and dad were provided opportunities to become expats, and thought that was my best option to live abroad. 5 years later, and I still am waiting for that big opportunity....

In 2005 I would be making another trip to Europe thanks to my brother John's wedding. My retired dad, brother Andy, and myself decided to take a trip to Rome, Sorrento, Pompeii & Capri before we ventured to Barcelona for John's wedding. Once again, the travel bug bit me, as I thoroughly enjoyed exploring new areas of Italy. After this trip, I vowed I would take an international trip once a year.

5 years later, and I finally made good on that vow returning from a trip to Africa. To be fair, I have made two cross country moves that hindered some of my travel plans in the last 5 years. After my Africa adventure the travel bug struck again. I realized that through my travels, I am envigorated, I have a passion for seeing new places, meeting new people and cultures. 

I am now making a similar vow that I made a few years ago - to take an international trip once a year. I want to use this blog to get my travel thoughts together, and plan my trips.

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