Friday, March 4, 2011

Flights are booked

My Travel Itinerary can start taking shape...

I will be flying from Ohare to New Delhi (14hr flight...thank god they just announced the new ipad!  Hopefully that will provide some entertainment).  We'll be spending about 8 days exploring all New Delhi has to offer.  If anyone has any tips, please send my way.  Of course now that my flight is booked I will be brushing up on Lonely Planet and other travel guides. I saw some recent pics from another friend's trip and it looks like they did some pretty cool things: elephant rides to Amber Palace, Maharaja Fortress, Taj Mahal (of course), and shopping.  I plan to buy a sari, and some pretty scarves.  I'm so excited.

After our week in New Delhi, we will then fly to Male through Sri Lanka.   Once in Male we begin our boating adventure for the next week.  A week of scuba diving and surfing, I can't wait!

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