Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year... may your new year be filled with fun new adventures!  I'm still trying to hash out the adventures in store for this year, and it seems there are plenty of options with all the 2012 top travel lists that have been popping up this New Year.
Reviewing these has inspired my wanderlust even more!  If only I had endless funds and time...sigh!

Obviously, I can't hit all of these places up this year, but I can narrow it down to a couple.  One place that seems to be a commonality on these lists is London, England, and it just so happens that I have been invited to a wedding in Bath or Bristol, England.  That settles it, I will be heading to England for my 2012 international destination.  While I will probably spend a night or two in London, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the country side.  I'm in the process of planning out the itinerary with a good friend from Bristol, who plans to show me around.  Some ideas that have been thrown out are: Bath, Bristol, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Cotswolds ("for cream tea and very English things," as my friend put it), and maybe Wales.  Hope I can fit it all in.

Since I'm already going to be making a trip to Europe, I figured I would tack on an extra week (thanks to my company's awesome vacation policy) and visit the brother's family in Spain.  They have offered their place up for a visit several times, which I've never accepted due to other travel plans.  It's been 6 years since my last visit for their wedding and I'm long over due for another visit!  Bonus, just found out my brother is moving from their three bedroom apartment (currently 5 people living there) to a bigger house with a guest room calling my name.  Since I've been to Barcelona twice, I think I am going to travel on my own for a few days and head to Madrid and maybe somewhere in southern Spain.  Then I'll fly to the UK for my tour of England.

I'm looking forward to playing with my cute niece and nephews (pictured above), seeing some of the Barcelona sites I've missed previously, visiting some new Spanish cities, visiting with old friends, English wedding celebrations, and touring England!  My Lonely Planet & Rick Steve's books have been ordered so I can begin nailing down plans.

Stay tuned as this next adventure takes shape!

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