Friday, February 17, 2012

Chicago Dining Wish List

This post is going to be a little closer to home.  I needed a place to document my growing dining wishlist.  There are so many places that keep popping up on my radar and I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed, and worried I might forget a place if I don't document.  My goal is to hit this list up in 2012.  Hoping documenting here will hold me to it!  If any Chicagoans or friends visiting Chicago are interested, let me know and I'll make a reservation!

Here it goes:
Bar Toma:  This place is right around the corner from my apartment, where Bistro 110 used to be.  First read about it in Urban Daddy, and quickly became intrigued.  It's labeled an Italian neighborhood pizzeria and bar by Chef Tony Mantuano.  They also have a mozzarella bar, gelato, and an espresso bar.  This may be a spot that Mom and Dad get the privilege of accompanying me here!

Maudes Liquor Bar:  At the end of last year I began to hear quite a bit of buzz of this French inspired West Loop restaurant.  It also appeared on several top 2011 restaurant newcomers lists, such as Time Out Chicago and Eater Chicago.  Also awarded a Michelin bib. 

Ruxbin:  All of a sudden I've been reading about this place in a ton of blogs, figure it's worth checking out.

GT Fish & Oyster: Michelin bib restaurant

Longman & Eagle:  Another Michelin bib restaurant 

Cumin:  Another Michelin bib restaurant featuring modern nepalese - Indian cuisine.  

Pump Room:  Again this place keeps popping up left and right in all my blog followings.  The decor looks pretty swanky and the food sounds good too!

Let me know if you are interested in tagging along one on one of these ventures!

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